How can HR technology help in a crisis? [DOWNLOAD RESOURCE]

HR technology plays an important role in keeping your business running smoothly under any circumstances. Is your current HR tech sufficient? How could new HR tech improve the efficiency, reduce the cost, and simplify employee administration for your company? Here are the features we find the most valuable, and how they can help you run your business.

Electronic Onboarding

Onboarding can be a back-and-forth nightmare between HR and accounting representatives and the new hire. With an electronic onboarding process, your new employee can review and complete all documents and forms needed from wherever they have internet access. Training materials and manuals are at their fingertips where they will be asked to review and sign when completed. The software automatically keeps most up-to-date tax forms across all states, so you never have to worry. Not only will this save your company resources, it improves the efficiency and accuracy of employee data. Additionally, when a crisis hits – some businesses find they need more staff and they need it fast. If your onboarding process is lengthy or archaic, you’ll find yourself wishing you had this tech much sooner.

Time & Labor Management

Would you be prepared if your employees could no longer punch in their time clock or fill out their time sheets? Empower employees and managers to work better together, from anywhere, by giving them tech that simplifies their time and labor management. This includes implementation of PTO policies – look for a simple portal that gives your team the ability to review and request time off. 

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits information and enrollment all in one spot – accessible from anywhere. During a crisis, your employees may have personal circumstances where they need to change or update their benefit information as quickly as possible. With the right HR tech, you can cut out the excessive data entry with easily accessible enrollment, adjustments, and information.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing can be a costly and time-consuming task. With better HR tech your company can save on payroll processing costs and time when you need it most. Improve accuracy and efficiency day-to-day and be prepared for tough times. Reduce the admin burden by giving your employees a self-service portal – look for an HR platform that lets employees view their check history, direct deposit info, tax documents, and more. 

Cloud Based Workforce Technology

When COVID-19 hit, was your business equipped and able to adapt to working remotely as quickly as possible? Most businesses find the transitional time creating gaps in productivity and a rush to implement the accessibility that’s needed. A cloud-based system would give you and your team the access they need from anywhere, so you will never have to worry about unprecedented circumstances halting your workforce. 

Data and Analytics Reporting

Especially when a crisis hits, you need the ability to review your data and analytics to find where you can make cuts or improvements. When this information is not easily and accurately provided, you may find yourself making poor decisions when it matters most. Organized and digestible reports for your team to analyze give you the insight you need to find the best options for your company and employees when tough decisions have to be made. 

If your current HR tech is lacking any of these advancements, it’s time to invest in the future of your business. Optimizing the efficiency and productivity of your HR team will not only save you money now, but will put a Solid foundation under your company for the future. We would love to help. Book a demo with our team, or learn more about our HR platform here.

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