Debunking 7 of the Most Common HR Outsourcing Myths [DOWNLOAD RESOURCE]

HR is more time-consuming and expensive for employers than ever, and many owners have turned to outsourcing—with good reason. Outsourcing your HR department can help drive efficiency, protect you from unseen liabilities, and ensure your company provides the right benefits to attract and retain talent.

One solution for outsourcing HR is a PEO, like Solid Business Solutions. PEOs allow companies to outsource HR management responsibilities, including payroll, employee benefits, HR administration, risk management, compliance, recruiting services, and more.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have some interest in outsourcing, but are skeptical. That’s perfectly understandable. It can be hard to let go of parts of your business you’re used to managing yourself, and there are often misconceptions around outsourcing.

This guide will give you clarity on common HR outsourcing myths, such as:

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