Human Resource Outsourcing (or HRO) providers help handle HR tasks, payroll, benefits, trainings, and compliance, based on your needs. Ideally, this set-up is efficient, flexible, and scalable. Choosing or switching HRO partners is no small consideration. At a time when nearly every major business process initiative is being scrutinized by

HR is more time-consuming and expensive for employers than ever, and many owners have turned to outsourcing—with good reason. Outsourcing your HR department can help drive efficiency, protect you from unseen liabilities, and ensure your company provides the right benefits to attract and retain talent. One solution for outsourcing HR

HR technology plays an important role in keeping your business running smoothly under any circumstances. Is your current HR tech sufficient? How could new HR tech improve the efficiency, reduce the cost, and simplify employee administration for your company? Here are the features we find the most valuable, and how

When your company was struck by a crisis how did your support measure up? Did they fall short or neglect you? Asking yourself these questions is an important way to analyze the value they’re adding to your company while ensuring you have the support you need moving forward. Let’s take

The unemployment rate has been declining dramatically since 2010, dropping from 9.6% to 3.6% in 2019. That’s good news for the workforce, but what about growing businesses looking to hire? A high percentage of HR professionals and hiring managers report shortages in qualified job candidates, with the majority agreeing that

If you have an employee who has stopped performing up to the standards you’ve set, you need to act fast. Constant errors can affect your team’s credibility and chip into your profits. On the other hand, terminating an employee too quickly can be a risky move for your business. Termination

To stay strategic, business owners need to look at both past HR trends and trends that will impact HR in the near future. Here’s 5 HR trends for employers to watch this year.  1. Artificial Intelligence  HR technology has quickly moved from the ‘nice to have’ category to become a

Do you recommend doing reference checks, or is it not worth my time? Thank you for your question. I am definitely an advocate for reference checks. Speaking to references is a great way to get more information about applicants and to verify the information they’ve provided to you. As a

We have two currently salaried employees who make about $42,000 per year. However, with commissions, we estimate that they will make $48,000 or more per year. They can still be exempt, right? What happens if their commissions do not exceed the minimum of $47,476 as expected? We’ve double checked the

Can we have a rule that says employees who submit their time card late will be paid late? Answer from Monica, one of our HR Pros: I realize how frustrating it is when an employee turns in a late timesheet. Ultimately though, it is the employer’s responsibility under federal and

Thank you for your question. Generally, federal workplace posters must be displayed in conspicuous places where they are easily visible to all employees. Some states have their own workplace posters and posting requirements as well. To comply with these legal requirements, employers typically place all workplace posters in a break

Our receptionist has bad hygiene and an unacceptable appearance. She looks as though she’s just rolled out of bed, her body odor is noticeable to customers and vendors, and her attire is often dirty, torn, or poor fitting. What is the best way to handle this situation? Answer from Emily,

When an employee takes FMLA leave due to a personal injury or illness, a doctor or other treating medical practitioner must clear them to return to work. This letter is to provide to the employee once you have received the Fitness for Duty form from the treating medical practitioner to

Can we ask an employee their marital status? Thank you for your question. Asking an employee’s marital status after hire is not in itself prohibited. After all, this question is already asked on the Form W-4 that employees complete upon hire. However, while there is no federal law that prohibits

Prior to making an offer of employment, your organization may choose to conduct a job-related background check. A comprehensive background check may consist of prior employment verification, professional reference checks, education confirmation and/or criminal record and credit checks. Third-party services may be hired to perform these checks. The following sample

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